Hazelnut Mocha Bars

These are sweet, fudgy and packed full of superfood energy and protein. Perfect as a pre or post-workout snack!


2/3 cup dates soaked in boiling water (or approx. 10 Medjool dates)
1-2 sachets of Hazelnut Mocha Flowstate coffee
1/2 cup oat flour
2-3 tbsp coconut oil, melted
2 decent tbsp peanut butter (sub tahini for nut free)
3 tbsp vegan protein powder of your choice (vanilla or choc works well)
* optional: vegan chocolate chips
** depending on the consistency (how wet/soft your dates are), us a couple of tbsp of plant milk to help bind, if needed.


Push mixture firmly into a small lined baking tray
Place in the freezer to set for approx. 30 mins and store there or remove and store in the fridge for a slightly softer bar
Makes approx. 5-6 bars or 10-12 snack squares

Created by: @kynd.to.all.kinds

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