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Flow State

What is Flow State?

Flow state, it isn’t just the name of the greatest functional coffee on the market (we’d call it a shameless plug if it wasn’t true). Flow state is defined as “an optimal state of consciousness where we feel and perform at our best”. More simply, being in a Flow state of mind is being “in the zone”.

Have you ever been fully immersed in a project, so focused that no distraction could interfere and you completely lose track of time? This state of mind has been labeled by psychologists as “flow”. You’ve probably heard expressions like “get your flow on”, now you know why!

The Flow State is basically the holy grail of mind states. It is not only useful for the pursuit of productivity in everyday life, but in a wide variety of areas such as at work, in educational settings and in sports too. There is nothing worse than working away at something and time just seems to go tick by... so... slowly. Whether it be an assignment, a proposal, or a workout (you know those ones where you jump on the treadmill and check the time after what feels like 30 mins but it’s actually only been 5? The worst!)

Being lovers of all things health, fitness, productivity, bio-hacking, and of course, coffee - we wondered if reaching that Flow State could be easier. Perhaps as easy as, say, sipping a delicious cup of coffee! Like a couple of mad scientists we culminated the perfect concoction of Nootropics and were amazed by the cognitive benefits. We powered through work tasks, workouts and to-do lists. In other words, we got sh*t done. We had found our flow. We then neatly packaged all of that up into Flow State Coffee sachets for you to enjoy a whole lot of goodness disguised as a simple coffee.