What makes Flow State a High Performance Coffee?

Flowstate High Performance Salted Caramel Coffee

First things first, what is High Performance Coffee? High Performance Coffee is basically coffee that does more. It is coffee that is infused with superfoods to help you perform better, as opposed to just caffeinating you like a standard coffee.

Flow State is in a High Performance Coffee league of its own. Why? Because our coffee is not only blended with superfoods, we have also hand-selected the ultimate performance-boosting Nootropics, and added them to create the most powerful high performance coffee on the market.

At its core, it is made from the very finest Colombian Arabica Coffee, because a delicious, soul-embracing, authentic coffee taste was an absolute non-negotiable at Flow State HQ. While our coffee beans are sourced from Colombia, all other ingredients are sourced right here in Australia.

So, what is Flow State High Performance Coffee like?

Imagine the best coffee you’ve ever had, add a subtle hint of coconut flavour, a whole lot of brain power and motivation to get sh*t done! Add in a blissful feeling of coffee-induced euphoria and that pretty much sums it up. It is coffee designed to help you give your best performance. Every. Single. Time. As if coffee couldn’t get any better, right?

High Performance Coffee, is a game-changer for lovers of all things health, fitness and productivity.

Flow State Coffee not only assists with cognition and brain-performance, memory and stress-relief, but it contains powerful ingredients to help with physical performance also.

Flowstate High Performance Coffee

Whether you enjoy a cup before that big meeting, an important exam, a huge day of work, pre-gym or just before heading to a social event, any time is a great time to perform at your best!

High Performance Coffee is a must-have for anyone looking to get more out of their day, and it all starts with getting more out of your coffee.