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Why do Superfoods make Flow State Coffee so good?

What if we told you that your morning coffee could do more? If you haven’t heard of Functional Coffee, you can find plenty of information about it on our website. In a nutshell, functional coffee is coffee infused with superfoods to help you function better, as opposed to just caffeinating you like a standard coffee. Flow State Coffee is in a league of it’s own, combining the finest Colombian Arabica coffee, nature's best superfoods and brain-boosting nootropics

You have probably heard of Superfoods right? Aside from just sounding amazing, they come with some pretty great benefits for your body and mind. If you take a look at some of our customer reviews, you’ll notice a few commonalities - drinking Flow State will make you feel “amazing”, “focused” and “sharp”. No, it’s not magic, it is the power of Superfoods and Nootropics. Each and every ingredient in our coffee was purposefully picked to help you awaken your best.

So, let’s dig a little deeper into why we selected each Superfood and how they make you feel so good! If you have tried Flow State, you would have noticed that subtle, yet delicious coconut flavour. That is from MCT Oil, a superfood made from refining coconut oil. Regarded as a super fuel for both body and brain and containing powerful fatty acids, it provides slow burning energy and boosts metabolism.

Ginkgo Biloba is a superfood that supports brain function, concentration and boosts memory. Proven to provide the benefits of increased circulation and brain health. 10/10 recommend for those who constantly lose their keys. Turmeric is one of the most popular superfoods. It is an Ayurvedic powerhouse, regarded as a ‘heating’ spice and one of nature’s most powerful anti- inflammatories.

Finally, we included Siberian Ginseng. A key ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine and known as an adaptogen which lowers cortisol to reduce stress. With a line-up like this, its no wonder Flow State Coffee leaves you feeling motivated, focused, confident and ready to kick some goals.