Terms and Conditions


Flow State Coffee  order terms & conditions

Legal Terms

1. These T&Cs are a legal contract between Flow State Coffee Pty Ltd (ACN 638 171 83) (“Us” or “We”) and you.

Is Flow State Coffee for you?

Flow State Coffee  is suitable for men and women. You should not use the Flow State Coffee if you are:

• under 18 years of age;
• pregnant;
• breastfeeding;
• suffering from a serious medical condition.

Using Flow State Coffee

1. Follow the instructions in our sachets. It has important information about:
• How to prepare and drink the coffee
2. The Coffee is not a food-substitute. You should eat a healty balanced diet while doing drinking the Coffee.
3. You need to drink plenty of water while doing the Coffee, because the Coffee has a mild dehydrating effect.
4. You must not give the Coffee to anybody else to consume.

What we will supply to you

1. Upon receiving your payment we will send you the number of Flow State Coffee boxes that you have ordered. Each Box contains 25 individual sachets


1. You will not hold Us liable, and indemnify us from any loss, cost or damage arising from any claim, in relation to any injury or damage suffered by you or any person receiving the Coffee from you, arising from using the Coffee contrary to our directions:
• on the Coffee packaging (sachets)
2. When you order a Flow State Coffee box, we will deal with your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy
3. Your use of the Flow State Coffee website (www.flowstatecoffee.co) is subject to the website’s terms of service. You agree that the terms of service form a contract between you and Us each time that you access the Flow State Coffee website.
4. These T&Cs are subject to the law of New South Wales, Australia. If a dispute arises then you will endeavour to resolve this matter by negotiation with Us first. If ou bring any legal claim against Us then you must do so before the courts or tribunals of New South Wales, Australia, or the New South Wales registry of Australian federal courts. We may bring any claim against you in either New South Wales or in the jurisdiction where you are located.