All we can say is, this is f****** magic. Not because reading the flavour name automatically makes your mouth water (I mean... Salted. Caramel. Latte), but because this is dessert in a mug. The best part is that your body will actually thank you! Why? It is the same delicious Colombian coffee, packed full of benefits with our performance-boosting unique Superfood & Nootropic blend, with a little extra, “HOLY SH*T, that’s good”!

Find yourself enviously eyeing off that Salted Caramel Tart at the local while you grab your morning brew? Our newest flavour literally tastes like your first sip of soul-awakening coffee after a bite of that creamy, caramel treat. Sitting at only 40 calories per mug, dessert has never looked so sweet. Except you get to have dessert first thing in the morning and carry those happy, euphoric vibes throughout the day. Sound like heaven? Wait till you try it!


A Coffee
Like No Other

Mental Performance

Memory + Focus + Creativity

Clean, Steady Energy

Dairy Free

Improve Metabolism


High Performance


Coffee is one of the World’s most popular beverages. It is incredibly healthy, containing hundreds of bioactive compounds and anti-oxidants making you feel amazing.


Regraded as a super fuel for both your body and brain containing powerful fatty acids which provide slow burning energy and boosts metabolism.


An Ayurvedic powerhouse, regarded as a ‘heating’ spice and one of Nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories.


A key ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. Known as an adaptogen which lowers cortisol to reduce stress.


An ancient and proven Superfood which supports brain function, concentration and memory by increasing blood flow and circulation to the brain..

Alpha GPC

A Choline containing supplement that boosts Acetylcholine (Neurotransmitter) in the brain, supporting cognitive performance and key brain functions.


Unwind and relax with L-Theanine, an amino acid commonly found in black and green tea leaves. Proven to promote focus, relaxation and a sense of calm.

Directions for Use

You know the deal. Hot or Cold, With or Without Milk. Enjoy 1 sachet when you need to kick start your brain and perform at your best. You work hard enough, so we’ve made it easy.

Nutritional Information

Pure Colombian Arabica Coffee, Coconut Derived MCT Oil, Cocoa Powder (6%), Coconut Milk Powder, L-Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine, L-Theanine, Sunflower Lecithin, Turmeric Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, Siberian Ginseng 10:1, Natural Sweetener (Stevia), Guar Gum

Servings per box: 25

Serving size: 200ml sachet

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
First time buyer

Love the salted caramel and hazelnut mocha. Great tasting, great energy boost and super clear mind!

best tasting coffee ever!!!

Absolutely love the Salted Caramel Latte from Flow State Coffee!! It tastes amazing! Very quick shipping and always receive a personal note as well as some goodies with every purchase! Great company!

Best arvo treat

Best little afternoon pick me up.
Absolutely love this coffee!

Love this flavour!

Salted caramel is a vibe! It’s become one of my favourites 😍 I love the focus I get from my morning coffee.

Great tasting Flowstate Coffee!

I really enjoyed my first and subsequent cups of Salted Caramel Latte from Flowstate Coffee and know that it will be a staple in my kitchen this year! Its very smooth and not too sweet but has an amazing depth of flavour. Really love it!